April 20th – 26th Activities!


Monday April 20th!

Exercise: Race Across the Room!

For this activity you will need some or all of the following:

  • Cotton ball
  • Small ball
  • Something square shaped (Tupperware, blocks, etc.)
  • A pair of shoes or socks!

Here are the instructions:

  1. Set up the two shoes or socks on either end of a room (approximately 15 feet apart)
  2. Starting at one end, you have to move each object from one shoe/sock to the other across the room without using your hands or feet to touch the object!
  3. Time yourself or race others in your home!
  4. For an extra challenge, you can try it on the carpet or find bigger objects (pillows. books, etc!)


Use the link above to help your child make a healthy and fun snack! You can also use lunchmeat/cheese, apples and honey, or bananas and peanut butter!

Tuesday April 21st!

Exercise: Step by Step! 

How many steps do you take in a day? For this activity, you will need to count the number of steps to different areas of your home then track your location thought the day! To start, count the number of steps between these areas of your home:

  • Your bed to the bathroom
  • Your bed to the kitchen
  • The kitchen to the living room
  • Living room to your bedroom
  • Front door to bedroom
  • Any other areas of your home you spend time in!

Keep track of the number of times you go to each room and count up your steps for the day! Can you make to 5,000? 10,000?

Activity: Online Math Games!

Check out this awesome website for interactive math learning tools that will make your child excited to practice their math skills! There are games for all ages and grade levels!



Wednesday April 22nd!

Exercise: Common Item Strength!

Find a few objects around your home to use as weights (toys, coup can, pillow). Complete the exercise below- use the items as weights to help you feel stronger than ever before! Do each exercise 8-10 times for 3 rounds!

  • Arm curls
  • High jumps holding a weight
  • Front arm raises (like a mummy!)
  • Side arm raises (like you are flapping your wings)
  • Lay on your back and press the item up (bench press)

Activity: Craft Time! Make Your Own Tissue Box Monsters! 

Use your creations to compete against others! Who can toss more coins into the mouth? Who can make the longest throw into the box?


Thursday April 23rd!

Combine Exercise and Activity! 

Today, weather permitting, set up an outdoor picnic! Have your child carry one item at a time to the yard or patio. Every time they come back inside for another item, they have to do 10 jumping jacks, 5 pushups, or run in place for 15 seconds! Encourage them to do the same when they go outside! Enjoy lunch outside as a family or small group! Use this time to enjoy the outdoors and take a break from the routine of the day!

Friday April 24th!

Exercise: Spell out your workout!

Activity: Self Check-In

Use the chart below to spell out your workout. Answer the following questions to know what words to spell:

1- When I feel sad, I like to talk to _______.

2- Something that makes me happy is ________.

3- What is something you like to do when you feel bored or frustrated by the current limitations from the “shelter in place?” __________


Saturday April 25th!

Exercise: Superhero Workouts!

Activity: Write a Letter!

Have your child write a letter to one or more people in your family. They can be in the same home, or required the letter to be mailed to them. Use the following prompts to help get them thinking about what to say:

  • Tell them something fun you have done recently.
  • What are you learning in school?
  • How do you like virtual school?
  • What is a fun memory you have with this person?
  • If you could meet them anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?

Sunday April 26th!

Exercise: Take today to rest and be with family! Try to go for a walk outside or play in the yard. You can revisit some of the activities from last week’s post if you like!

Activity: Read Aloud Videos!

Check out this site with tons of free recordings of celebrities reading your favorite stories aloud! https://www.storylineonline.net/

Next, pick your favorite beer and make a recording of yourself reading the book aloud! Send the video to a friend, and as them to send their favorite book back!

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