Kid’s Activity Calendar: May 25 – May 31!

Monday May 25th! HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!

Activity: Sensory bottles!

Sensory bottles are a great tool to have on hand to redirect your child’s energy and give them a mental break from daily activities! Here is a a fun Memorial Day craft that can be used throughout the day! GLITTER BOTTLES


Tuesday May 26th!

The forecast for today is cold and rainy here in the midwest! Its a perfect day to cuddle up and watch a movie in your home made BLANKET FORT!!! This is one of my favorite activities, even as an adult! Never made a blanket fort? Here is a quick description of an easy and safe option that requires minimal equipment!


Wednesday May 27th!

Last week, there was a silly article put out that grocery stores are selling out of chicken nuggets and easy kid-friendly snacks! I found a super simple homemade chicken nugget recipe that we tried last night…. SO YUMMY! Try it out as an easy lunch or dinner for your kiddos!


Thursday May 28th

Students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) designed a website to help kids learn new skills such as basic computer coding, science experiements, and creativity enhancing activities. Check out the free interactive website! This is a great tool to supplement the school work they are working hard to finish up!


Friday May 29th

Let’s talk about saving money! Right now, it’s hard to imagine when we will be able to make that next purchase or decide how we want to spend any of the savings you may have. Kids love to set a goal and save up their money to make that special purchase or investment. I’ve linked a fun website for making their own piggy-bank/money jar at home. Encourage your kids to think about something they want to save up for; it could be an item, experience, or donation to others!


Saturday May 30th!

One fun idea that I love doing as a child was teaching people new skills! Here is a list of skills that your children can learn on their own, then put on a fun lesson to teach you their skills too! Encourage your child to use things in the house or that are easily accessible. These can be skill you already have as the parent. The focus of the activity is on picking a skill, learning independently, then teaching what they have learned for mastery!

Skills ideas:

  • Tying a shoe with one or two hands
  • Loading the dishwasher properly
  • Folding a fitted sheet
  • Putting on a pillow case as quickly as possible
  • Organizing books by size and color
  • Peeling an orange
  • Making the perfect PBandJ sandwich!

Sunday May 31st!

The Bay Area Children’s Theatre has created an online portal for creativity challenges that are great for kids and their families! Check out their fin indoor0friendly ideas to cap off the weekend!


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