Kid’s Activity Calendar June 15th – 21st!


CONGRATULATIONS on finishing another year of school! What a wild ending it was. I hope you feel confident about wrapping up the virtual school options and getting ready for summer school or other summer activities! This weeks calendar is all about getting ready for a great summer ahead!

Monday June 15th

Start by filling out the goals sheet for the summer! Think about the new parameters for social distancing that will work well with the plans you make! What are some ideas you have for social distance socializing?

Tuesday June 16th

SET UP FOR SUMMER GYM CLASS! Take a look around your house for things you can use for exercise this summer! Here are things you might have already: a bike. skateboard, cones, soccer/basketball/tennis balls, something to use as weights.

Creative ideas you can try:

  • Fill a water bottle to use as weights
  • Find painters tape to tape off a 4-square court
  • Map the distance to the nearest park or field- how long of a walk or run would it be?
  • Find hoops, rings, or other objects to use as targets.

Activity: home made 4-square

Wednesday June 17th

One of the best parts about summer is the warm weather and afternoon storms! When my brothers and I were kiddos, we LOVED sidewalk chalk. We would decorate the sidewalk near our home in the mornings, and when then afternoon storms came in, we would wait for the ground to dry and give us a blank slate to draw all over again! Check out his home made chalk recipe!


Thursday June 18th

Now that you made your own chalk, try this stained glass pattern for decorating the grounds near your home!


If you do not have any chalk or the weather is not ideal- try these free patterns for paper stained glass! STAINED GLASS

Friday June 19th

Have you ever enjoyed a chilly slurpee on a hot afternoon?  I tested his make-your-own slurpee recipe and it is sweet, cool, and a perfect refreshing treat!


Saturday June 20th

Looking for ways to stay engaged in math skills this summer? Check out these easy to learn card games that will keep your kids entertained and their math skills sharp!


Sunday June 21st

Let’s end the week with a tough workout, take your workout outside and enjoy some sunshine!

Complete 3 rounds, 10 repetitions of each exercise:

  • Jumping jacks
  • Jump squats
  • Push ups
  • Burpees
  • Sit ups
  • Bear crawls forward
  • Bear crawls backwards’
  • 10 second sprint in place!

See you next week!


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