Kid’s Activity Calendar! September 23rd – 27th!

Hi all!

Apologies for the delay! Back-to-school has kept us all so busy! Welcome to another week! How is everyone doing with the new school year?

Wednesday September 23rd!

Sensory handwriting trays!

For this activity, you will need a large flat surface with siding (a baking sheet, shoe box lid, or lid to a plastic bin would be ideal!).

1- fill the flat surface with sprinkles, sand, or dry rice.

2- Provide a handout with upper and lower case letters to your child.

3- demonstrate how to make each letter using their pointer finger in the skittles (rice or sand)

4- as your child is able to draw the letters with their finger, you can make it a challenge by having them hold a writing utensil to draw the letters in the sand!


Thursday September 24th!

PE class at home! How many rounds can you finish in 10 minutes?


Friday September 25th!

Count around the house!  Hoe many of the following items can you find in your home? To add to the activity, you can have you child count the following as well:

1- apples

2- lightbulbs

3- pairs of shoes in their room

4- plants

5- windows


Saturday September 26th!

Check out this autumn leaf craft!:



Sunday September 27th!

End your weekend with a nice stretch and relaxing yoga session before another week ahead!

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