Kid’s Activity Calendar October 12th – 19th!

I think it is safe to say… “Happy fall y’all!”


This week, let’s break out the creative side and decorate for fall! If you haven’t noticed, the leaves are changing and taking over the yard! Go out and snag a handful of colorful leaves to use for this weeks activities!


Monday October 12: Candy corn art!

For this activity you will need 2 sheets of yellow and orange paper, and one sheet of white paper.

1- Have your child tear up the yellow, orange, and white paper into smaller pieces and keep in separate piles.

2- Encourage them to draw or trace a rounded triangle and divide into 3 parts.

3- Crumble up each piece of paper and glue into the correct section! You can make a small shape with the corresponding color to help keep them in the correct space!

Hang up and admire!


Tuesday October 13th: Dyed Pumpkin Seeds!

Use this link:

to find out how to dye pumpkin seeds to be used for sensory play and/or arts and crafts.  Pumpkin seeds are the perfect size to work on fine motor skills, color recognition, sorting, and gluing skills! Here is a fun idea for a project:


Wednesday October 14th: DINOSAUR BISCUITS!!!

This activity, ladies and gentlemen, is SO much fun! Even two 30-year olds enjoyed this activity and indulging in the following days!

What you need:

  • 325g (11oz) plain flour, sifted, plus extra for dusting
  • 200g cold salted butter, cut into cubes
  • 125g sugar
  • 1 vanilla pod, seeds scraped out OR 1 tsp vanilla extract (you can sub in almond extract for a unique flavor!)
  • 2 large free-range egg yolks
  • 1-2 tbsp whole milk
  • few plastic toy dinosaurs with different-sized feet
  • red, yellow, green and orange flavored writing icing pens
  • 1 free-range egg,

Recipe here:


Thursday October 15th: Nature Art!

Go outside and grab some leaves, sticks, and any other fun nature items you can find! Start by drawing a tree trunk with branches on a sheet of paper. Next, paste the leaves and twigs from outside onto the tree to make your own indoor tree decoration! This is a great activity to explore outside, work on fine motor skills, and improve gluing skills!


Friday October 16th: Pinecone Bird Feeder

Check out this fin pinecone bird feeder activity! If your child has peanut allergies, you can swap out for any other nut butter or sun butter!


Saturday and Sunday: Exercises!

Here are your exercises for the weekend! Start you day with a little movement or stretching! These videos are great for the whole family!




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