Kid’s Activity Calendar: October 5 – 11th!

This week we will focus on exercise and enjoying the last bit of fall weather before it starts getting too cold!

Monday October 5th! Leg workouts!

Try to complete 3 rounds of each set of exercises throughout the day:

Set 1: 20 lunges, 20 squats, 10 high jumps

Set 2: 15 frog jumps, 20 skater hops, 15 high knees

Set 3: 10 long jumps, 30 fast feet, 20 second wall sit!


Tuesday October 6th! Arm workout!

Complete the exercises below:

1- 10 pushups

2- 20 plank shoulder taps

3- 30 bear crawls

4- 20 wall push ups

5- 15 bicep curls using the heaviest toy you can hold!


Wednesday October 7: Cardio!

Thursday October 8th: Abs!


Friday October 9th: ABC workout!


Saturday and Sunday: walk it out!

The midwest looks like we will have WONDERFUL weather this weekend! Take family walks, walk the dog, explore your neighborhood! Your goal for the weekend is to get 10,000 total steps! (try “Map my run” app to help track steps!)

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Nadia Rahman