Kid’s Activity Calendar! November 9th to 16th

Monday November 9th: Sounding out letters!

For this activity, you will need a bin with small items that start with the letters of the alphabet (a= apple, b=ball, etc). Place the items in the bin and provide your child with paper with all of the letters written in any order you choose (for early learners, put them in order, for advanced readers scramble the letters!). Have your child sort all items in the box onto the correct starting letter!


Tuesday November 10th: Heavy work leads to calm bodies!

Heavy work is any type of activity that pushes or pulls against the body and challenges it position in space. Heavy work activities can help kids with sensory processing issues feel centered while engaging a sense called proprioception, or body awareness. Heavy work activities are useful for children when they have to change environment, sit for sustained periods of time, or engage in activities that they do not choose. Try these fun dino walks before virtual school or other activities throughout the day!


Wednesday November 11th: Workout!

Thursday November 12th: How to make a thankful tree!

For the rest of the month, encourage your child to think of things they are thankful for or that bring them joy. Have your child cut out leaves using hand tracings, print outs, or their own drawings to make leaves for a cut out tree! On Thanksgiving, revisit the tree and discuss what they have added. This is also a great family contribution activity for everyone to add to!


Friday November 13th: Learn with HOMER!

Check out this GREAT website with lots of fun games for learners of all ages!

My favorite game is the dinosaur letters game!


Enjoy your weekend! Take time to reset, rest, and refresh for another week ahead! Stay warm!

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