Kids Activity Calendar February 15 – 21!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here are your activities for the week!

Monday: Start your week with a workout!

Tuesday Feb 16: SNOW PAINT!

What you need: liquid food coloring, squeeze bottle,  cold water!

1. Take the lids off your squeeze bottles and squeeze a few drops of each food coloring in a different bottle.
2. Carefully fill up with cold water.
3. Tightly place the lids back on and wipe down the bottles.
4. Carefully take the tops off and use to paint in the snow.



Wednesday Feb 17: WORKOUT!


Thursday February 18th: MathForKids

One of the things I loved most about elementary and middle school, was all of the unique ways you can learn math! Everyone has a different learning style, and incorporating creative games into the routine is a great way to supplement virtual classroom learning! Check out this site!


Friday February 19th: Marshmallow Hot Cocoa!

Let’s try to hurry spring along and MELT THIS SNOW! Check out this super fun recipe for melting snowman hot cocoa!

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