Luvie Ashley


Luvie is certified as a therapy dog through Therapy Dogs International. She has been working at the office since Spring of 2018 and schools since Fall 2018. She participates in sessions with adults, teens, and children. She is well known throughout the office by clients and families for her sweet and spunky personality.
From the TDI handbook - Therapy Dogs can be used as a therapeutic aid by the medical community to gain insight into thought and emotional/behavioral patterns. In addition to providing unconditional love while interacting with patients, dogs have a beneficial influence on the social, physical, and mental condition of patients. Studies have shown that interaction with dogs can: 
Lower blood pressure 
Rehabilitate and promote relaxation 
Relieve agitation, anxiety, and stress in patients
Improve communication between humans 
Reduce the need for drug therapy in some cases 
Reduce aggression in certain adult substance abuse cases