Kids Activity Calendar: August 31 – Sept 6th!

Welcome to a new month!

This week we will continue to provide resources to help you prepare for the new school year! Check out the art, math, science, and physical education activities below!


Monday August 31st! Let’s get moving!

Start your week with this at home, no equipment workout!

Tuesday September 1st: Free Math games!

Check out this free math website! My favorite is under 4th grade called “Thinking Blocks.”


Wednesday September 2nd: NASA Kids Club!

Check out this AMAZING site with a handful of science-based learning activities for kids!


Thursday September 3rd: Art for Kids!

Check out this fun YouTube channel with tons of how-to drawing tutorials! These are a great way to decorate your home virtual learning space!

Friday September 5th! Workout!

Complete this workout to start your day off feeling energized!

3 sets, 10 repetitions per set! Time yourself! I finished in 18 minutes!

1- jumping jacks

2- squats

3- lunges across the room

4- reverse lunges across the room (aka go backwards!)

5- Crab walks

6- crunches


Saturday September 6th! Pizza Toast!

I made this for a silly meal this afternoon and it was SO GOOD!


Sunday September 7th!

Walk it out! Take a nice ling walk today. Think about the upcoming school year and the fun you had this summer! Try answering these questions for yourself:

1- what was the most memorable part of summer break?

2- What is one thing you hope to learn this year?

3- What is your favorite lunchtime snack that you want to have for the first week of school?

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