Kid’s Activity Calendar September 14th-20th!

It’s almost fall y’all!

This is the last week of “summer” before we officially enter fall! This week, I will keep sharing academic support resources and daily physical education classes from “Fun Spot Fitness!”


Monday September 14th!: Sheppard Software!

Check out this free website for online learning games! There are activities for all school ages, including preschool! (note: if the site does not load the games, you need to turn off the popup blocker and/or allow the flash player to access the data!)

Monday P.E. Class:


Tuesday September 15th!: Mr. Nussbaum Learning!

This site has over 10,000 free interactive games and learning opportunities! The site includes all school subjects including international geography and culture!

Tuesday P.E. class:

Wednesday September 17th: Poptropica!

Check out this choose your own adventure site that was developed with help from the author of the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” series!

Wednesday P.E.:


Thursday September 18th: Primary Games!

Check out this database of great learning games and activities! The site includes activities that are appropriate for all aged kindergarten and up!


Thursday P.E.:

Friday September 19th: Fall crafts!

Do you all remember leaf rubbing? I grew up in Florida, so the window of opportunity to get beautiful fall leaves to turn into art was very small! This was one of my favorite elementary school crafts! To make it more interactive, you can encourage your kids to label the different parts of the leaves!


Friday P.E: Super yoga!!


Saturday and Sunday:

Now that we are into the school year, use the weekends as you normally would during the school year. Take time to relax and reset for the next week!

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